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  • Elsa Savenay

    Elsa Savenay

    Passionated about users & design — UX/UI Design

  • Sirine Rihane

    Sirine Rihane

    Hi! I’m 23 years old. UX/UI designer and a full-stack Javascript developer living in Paris. I’m salad lover and sushi addict :)

  • Maeva Ratoanina

    Maeva Ratoanina

    UX Designer & lemon pie lover (with a lot of meringue please).

  • Laura Monneveux

    Laura Monneveux

    Ux designer in the making ✍🏻

  • mike


    Digital product management leader who loves to solve customer problems through a focus on being customer centred, data-led and pragmatically technology enabled!

  • Linda Mai Phung

    Linda Mai Phung

  • Anne Harter

    Anne Harter

    UX Lead & Clean Beauty Entrepreneur

  • Marie-Amélie Forrer

    Marie-Amélie Forrer

    UX Researcher Junior and a bit of a nerd.

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