The under 40 secs manifesto

Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse on Unsplash

Design to simplify your life, but for real.

Every new piece of technology that is supposed simplify our lives, ends up generating as many problems as it solves. I believe UX design is here to anticipates those problems and fix them before they even appear.

But UX is not solely about design

It’s about research and it’s about testing. Research, design, test. In that order. The three are equally important. When hiring, you should not look for a “UX Designer” but for a “UX Researcher/Designer/Tester”. Or as I call it, a “UX ReDeTe”. I think it can become a thing.

UX designers should know code

Beware I did not say they should know “HOW TO code”. UX designers are not developers. But they should know the principles that revolve around coding. I believe that, as UX designers, we design for two users: the end-user of the product and the developer who will code said product.

UXUI Design Teacher at Ironhack.

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